The Nuts & Bolts of Robotics Club


CJ Gibson, Editor

Last year, Robotics Club wasn’t gearing up so well. They only had one robot built for competition. Now, everyone is working hard to ensure that the team keeps improving.

“We’re doing great so far,” Mayra Ramirez, president of Robotics Club says, “We have a lot more people that have been coming in and working on their robots. We are hoping to have at least 3 competition robots this year.”

There is a different game for the robots to compete in every year, and the goal of the 2019 game, called “Tower Takeover,” is to move cubes into goals or stack them onto towers with cubes of the same color. For the most part, the robots are controlled, but there is a 15 second autonomous period. The team with more points at the end of the two minutes wins.

Ramirez continues, “Last year we had a lot of obstacles that slowed down the building process, but hopefully this year, with more experience, we can avoid making the same mistakes. It has been fun and interesting to see everyone’s ideas coming together to build a final robot. We hope to attend at least two Vex Robotics competitions and just have fun and do our best.”