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2017-18: Students of the Week

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Blake Ridgel

“Blake’s leadership with FFA led to FFA students raising over $6,000 in contributions toward the purchase of t-shirts for Community Service Day. FFA has also received commitments that will take the total over $8,000.”

-Mr. Wetzel


Molly Kaiser

“Molly is a delightful young lady and a remarkable student. Specifically, I recommend Molly for this honor because on Valentine’s Day, she chose to share her kindness by randomly distributing 10 dozen roses to members of the student body. She has a heart for others and didn’t want anyone to feel unloved on Valentine’s Day. That is truly admirable.”

-Ms. Strickland


Taylor Lindberg

“Taylor is so helpful to her peers, gets her work done on time, and is accountable for herself. If she is gone, she comes in and gets her work. Her peers know she is trustworthy and works hard to do her best.”

-Mrs. Nairn


Ty Esfeld

“Ty’s leadership with FFA led to FFA students’ raising over $6,000 in contributions toward the purchase of t-shirts for Community Service Day. FFA has already received promises of contributions that will take the total over $8,000.”

-Mr. Wetzel


Cailee McMullen

“Cailee has worked hard to finish the semester in good standing. She never complains and always helps when asked. When she had some work to make up she made sure to get it finished by putting in the necessary time in the library.


Kyle Rziha

Kyle is a pleasure to have in class. He opens the door for me almost everyday, which only highlights his kind heart. Although he is reserved, he puts forth his best effort in class and is always respectful. I feel like Kyle has great potential to be successful.

-Mrs. Stalcup

Conor Bird

“Conor demonstrates excellent behavior both inside and outside the classroom. She is well mannered and respectful to everyone around her. She is always quick to help other students who need help. Her trustworthiness, responsibility, honesty, and compassion help to create a positive school environment.”


Joshuah Muiruri

“Josh goes out of his way to help others in his class. He always gets the textbooks for his group and is a good leader. He has a positive outlook on a daily basis.”

-Mr. Bartel


Kerby Depenbusch

“Kerby is one of the most polite and courteous young men I know. He thinks of others before himself, works hard in class, always greets those he passes in the hallway, and even opens doors for ladies!”

-Ms. Strickland


Savannah Kennon

“Savannah always comes to class ready to learn and willing to participate. She is also very aware of things around her and is constantly pickin gup after herself and the other students. We use newspapers everyday and the inserts are constantly on the floor. I never have to pick them up after Savannah’s class, because she always takes care of them and picks up not just hers but everyone’s.”

-Mrs. Clark


Max Jerke

“Max has been a great help to Aaron while he is on crutches. He never hesitates to help carry things, run to the PAC or pick Aaron up and take him to school or school events when Aaron can’t drive. He always does this with a smile and seems happy to help.”

-Mrs. Clark


Ellie Anspaugh

“Ellie is very cooperative and enjoyable to have in class. She is a hard worker and has excellent work ethic.”

-Mrs. Allen


Jonathan Roller

“Jonathan has a continually showed he is a responsible student by getting his work, checking his grade, and holding himself accountable”

-Mrs. Nairn


Arazeli Madrid

“Arazeli is one of the most respectful students that I have had in class. Arazeli is diligent about making up or getting assignments if absent from class. It has been a pleasure to have her in my class!”

-Mrs. Wolters


Josh Hamilton

“Josh shows up every day with a smile on his face and works hard in class. Even with a broken wrist he continued to try and workout. He is involved in sports and FFA, taking pride in GBHS.”
– Mr. Lutt


Vanessa Flores

“Vanessa is a great student – bright, cheerful, motivated, and caring. She works hard to overcome the Spanish-English barrier. She has a desire to become more involved at GBHS. Her positive attitude is as bright as her smile!”

– Mrs. Kathy Moore


Han Yan

“Han is always polite and tries hard in class. He helps others and is always prepared for the lesson.”

– Mr. Lewis


Cynthia Foster

“Despite many external obstacles, Cynthia has remained positive and optimistic for her future. She has done great in class and contributes positively to the discussion and tasks.”

– Mr. Lewis


Annie Mills

“Annie is incredibly kind and respectful. She always has a smile to share and if someone is in need she is more than willing to find a way to help. She is a friend to all and an overall outstanding young lady.

– Ms. Strickland

“Annie is always so positive and kind to everybody she meets. She never complains and seems to always have a smile on her face. I have seen great things from her in class and I expect great things from her in the future.”

– Mrs. Stalcup

Elijah Good

“Elijah is an exemplary student that has an above average work ethic. Elijah shows much interest and tolerance of others in the classroom. He always goes above and beyond. I am very excited to see how he grows and develop in his interests and accomplishments over the next few years.”

– Mrs. Allen

Tatum Sander

“Tatum has been a fun student to have this year in class.  She is a self-taught learner and shows enthusiasm for the content.  Tatum is respectful to everybody and is always positive.

– Mrs. Stalcup

Hector Dominguez
“It has been a pleasure to have Hector in class. He is very respectful and is a hard-working student.”- Mrs. Winters
Dylan Graham

“Dylan is an exceptional young person.  He is polite, very well mannered, and a joy to have in the classroom.  He has a positive attitude about school and life in general.  He volunteers services to provide aid to myself and others.”

– Mrs. Nett

Natalie Garza
“Natalie has been a positive force in the classroom since the day she walked in here.  She is friendly, she smiles, and she never hesitates to venture a guess when asked a question.  She is a leader in the classroom, and I greatly appreciate her optimistic spirit!”- Mrs. Seeman
Connor Miller
“Connor has been a shining example of the expectations set in my classroom.”- Ms. Claussen
Katie Maneth

“Katie is a talented, kind, dedicated, caring and intelligent young woman.  She makes everyday count and will be a positive future leader in our society.”

– Ms. Stambaugh

Rossiel Reyes

“Ross has welcomed me to the school and offered to help with classroom set-up during the first few days.  She walks through the hallways and into class with a smile everyday.  She is genuine and wants to go the extra mile to help anyone she can.”

– Ms. True

Eduardo Prado

“Eduardo goes above and beyond to be excellent.  He has a good work ethic and is a friendly person.  It is great to have him in class.”

– Mr. Enochs

Taylor Hoffman

“I can rely on Taylor to help other students all the time. She is always over prepared for class and brimming with ideas. Her excellent work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile sets a great example for others in my class.”

– Mr. Hutchinson

Kameron Keener

“Kameron spent multiple hours before school began helping me in the library just as a favor!  He got no service point and earned nothing but my gratitude.”

– Ms. Mulch

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