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General Information
The Panther Tales is the new and improved online newspaper of the Great Bend High School journalism department. The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Panther Tales staff, the administration of Great Bend High School, the faculty, or the student body of GBHS.

All content on is protected by copyright laws. Contact [email protected] for usage of content.

Professional Organizations
The is a member of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA).

Inquiries about advertising may be directed to Andy Negaard at (620) 793-1521 ext. 101 or [email protected]

Complaints and Corrections
Complaints, corrections or letters to the editor should be formally submitted via email to [email protected] We reserve the right to grammatically correct letters to the editor or trim to fit allotted space.


How do I get involved with GBHS Journalism?
Students must first take 21st Century Journalism course. Once students have successfully completed the pre-requisite course, students must complete an application to be considered for staff for either the Newspaper or Yearbook courses.

Do you have an idea for the paper, or would like to share a story with us? 
We would love your input. We are always looking for fresh ideas for our paper. All ideas and content will be considered. Please share with us your ideas or submissions via email to [email protected]

Why does the print edition not come out as often as in the past?
The print edition is costly. The online paper is less expensive and can be updated more frequently. In addition, the online edition adds features such as audio and video that are not possible in a print edition. At the current time all print editions will be for archival purposes only, not for distribution.

Did you know there is a typo or other error on the site? 
We do our best to catch all of our mistakes; however, the Panther Tales is a student produced paper. We are learning and we will make mistakes.

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