2017 Marching Band WAC

Sayler Peplinski, Editor

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On Monday the 2017 marching band WAC competition was held in Hays and the GBHS Marching Band went and brought back a rating of a 2, “I’m okay with it, it wasn’t our best show we could’ve done better, but I’m okay with it” said Priscilla Ramirez. Every section of the band is rated differently and even things that are not a part of the band are rated as well, like the flags. When being rated at WAC for marching band the best that a band can receive is a 1 and the worst that a band can receive is a 5. This year while the Band was rated a 2 the Drumline was rated a 1 and the Flags were rated a 3. This year’s WAC differs from last year because last year at the end of WAC the drumlines came together played their cadences for all of the other bands and spectators to see and hear, but this year when all of the bands were finished playing they marched back onto the field together and were told their ratings then. This year our band has made several changes, for example this year the marching band has added a pit which is where percussion instruments are played at the front of the field. The band is also incorporating more visuals into their show and there is also a drumline feature, Willow Jones said, “I feel like it’s better for the half-time show when we move and not just stand there.” If the marching band and drumline keep incorporating new and improved things into their half-time shows, the ratings that the GBHS Marching Band and Drumline receive could possibly be improving and showing other schools just how great it is to be a Great Bend Panther.

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