iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android

Elijah Hutchinson and Elijah Hutchinson

After a decade of competition between Apple and Android saying that their operating system is better, the staff of the Panther Tales have decided to see where the students of GBHS stand on this matter. Both have made massive improvements over the years changing what their phones look like, how they are used, and what they are capable of. To settle this debate, we sent out a survey out to the students of GBHS and had a total of 182 responses. We asked what the student body and staff found most to least important. Four students were also further asked what their thoughts were regarding their own choices. Three of the four students further interviewed choose iOS over Android. Even Guerra chose Android, saying that “being able to take good pictures is what I look for” while Chloe Gibson who voted for iOS said “whatever’s cheap, I’ll get that one.” Another question we asked was what features would make you choose one model of phone over the other. Angela Enriquez answer that one factor for her that went into deciding what phone to get was “whatever is mainstream, or newest”.
Results from the 182 responses are shown below

iOS vs Android Chart

iOS won by a long shot, pulling 130 of 182 responses, showing that ten years after the iPhone redefined the smartphone scene forever Apple is still creating innovative devices that people love and use every day.
Android lagged behind considerably in the survey despite the fact that in the last couple of years Android phones have been increasingly affordable, with features previously found only in high-end devices such as a great camera, large battery, upgradeable storage, and a higher level of customization than can be found in any iPhone.

#1 Feature

According to the results from the survey the most important aspect of a phone to people was the quality of the phone’s speed and performance.The next two were camera quality and battery life with the least voted feature was being UI customization.

#2 Feature

The voting results for what is the second most important feature of a phone was battery life.Following up closely was speed/performance again meaning that most people want a phone that has a battery that lasts them for several hours.

Least important smartphone feature

Finally the results for least important smartphone feature was UI customization. Another smartphone feature that was not highly voted for was the smartphones price.

Smartphones are devices we all carry with us and use every single they have become staples of everyday life. We all have different opinion on what is important to us concerning phones and how we choose which smartphone to buy.