Martin Luther King Jr Day

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Edith Solorzano, reporter

On the third Monday of January of each year we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr day. MLK was a civil rights leader from mid 1950’s up to his assassination in 1968. He desired for human rights and equality for African Americans. Elena Tobada said, “I think MLK helped shape America in many ways and especially in society with racism and equal rights for everyone. MLK helped out everyone in every shape or form.” Some remarkable things that MLK did was bring publicity to civil rights activities, highlight and encourage the importance of non-violent protest and resistance, and provide direction to the African-American civil rights movement. Students were asked if they believed if Martin Luther King was a good leader Katetlyn Scherer answered, “Yes, I think he was a very good leader. He fought for the rights of people.” Some of his most famous speeches include “I have a dream” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Dr. King’s use of nonviolent protests sparked a social change in the U.S, “His genuine desire for the country to come together was ultimately recognized as a great contribution to America; his untimely death was a loss to everyone and started an era of great potential for the nation.” The first time Martin Luther King Jr day was recognized as a national holiday was in 1986, the bill was signed into law by president Lyndon B. Johnson.  So today we acknowledge  Martin Luther King Jr’s life and success as an influential American civil rights leader.


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