2018-19 Students of the Week





Blake Penka

“Blake has shown great leadership in Advisory. He sets a good example for underclassmen and helps motivate kids to do the activities.”

-Mr. Hofflinger


Jessica Nieto

“Jessica is always positive and is working hard to make sure her Senior year is great!”

-Mr. Lewis


Kali Haltom

“Kali has shown her positive attitude throughout the day. She has even made herself a door greeter in the classroom. She makes a point to say hello to peers walking through the halls. She gives positive energy to those around her and admits that she rarely has a “bad” day. I believe her positive outlook rubs off on those around her.”

-Mrs. Wolking


Jamal Wright

“Jamal has shown tremendous growth in his leadership skills. During the first full week of school while everyone is trying to get to know people and figure out where they fit in class, Jamal is stepping up and encouraging others. He makes sure that everyone is included and is not afraid to be the first one to volunteer when others want to sit back and observe.”

-Mrs. Hopkins


Luke Maneth

“Luke goes above and beyond in all he does. In addition to his talent and work ethic he is personable, kind, and respectful.”

-Ms. Stambaugh

Yovana Arias

Yovana has shown to be a leader in the classroom through her actions. There is a student who needed more help understanding, but this student needed questions answered in Spanish. She quickly realized this and changed seats to help translate when needed.

-Mrs. True

Skylar Fletcher

Skylar is full of enthusiasm. She is so excited about learning and challenges me to keep pushing. Her attitude is catching and I value her leadership in my class.

-Mrs. Heath

John Wallace

John has been such a delight in class. He is always in a positive mood. He is polite. He participates fully in class and helps other students as well. I am so proud of him.

-Mrs. Frieb

Bayle Sandy

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Bayle is as a worker, leader and just caring. She works to include everyone. She anticipates the next step and is self motivated to move herself forward. She motivates others without coming off as bossy. She asks great questions and wants to learn and improve. She is a leader through example.

-Mrs. Heath

Joseph Moeder

Though he is out for activities frequently, Joseph is vigilant about keeping up with his assignments, and contributes to and facilitates tasks in the classroom.

-Mr. Lewis

Fritz Alexis

Fritz is such a positive kid; he helps others, he cares about others, and he always is willing to do whatever he can to do his best. He is a joy to have in the classroom and his kindness is very appreciated.

-Mrs. Seeman

Mayra Ramirez

Even though Mayra is busy setting the school record for the fastest female cross country runner, she took time to help make anti-bullying messages for our school. She is a very humble athlete and a great student.

-Mrs. Hiss

Jaime Arellanes

Jaime is an excellent student who shows pride in himself, his school, and his work. He is respectful to all and displays the true character of a model student.

-Mrs. Bentley

Makenna Straub

Makenna has been an exemplary student for three years and probably longer. She is an example to all other students who wish to succeed.

-Ms. Drees


Adriana Arras

Adriana is working hard and being successful in learning in English while she excels in her mainstream classes. She is considerate and helpful to her peers and teachers. She is gaining courage in her new culture to step outside her comfort zone and try new things. I’m very proud of her.

-Mrs. Kathy Moore

Malachi Wasson

Malachi has great work ethic and is always ready to help his peers. He is a very responsible student athlete who checks in to get his work.

-Mrs. Nairn

Joanna Sanchez

Joanna wrote a letter to a retired veteran whom she didn’t even know. Her letter led to the veteran attending the GBHS Veteran’s Day assembly for the first time. Her thoughtfulness and appreciation of our nation’s servicemen does not go unnoticed. She demonstrated all the characteristics of a responsible young woman who shows exceptional character traits.

-Student of the Week Committee

Sam Shepard

Sam is such a happy guy! I wish I could duplicate his positive attitude in English III – his laugh is contagious. I really appreciate him and enjoy having him in class this year.

Mrs. Seeman

Cal Dunekack

Cal has an excellent attitude and is so respectful. He helps students in need without being asked to do so.

-Mrs. Bentley

Briana Perez

Brianna has such an upbeat personality. She always comes to class with a smile on her face. She was recently voted President of our JAG 9-10 Career Association, she has accepted that role with full responsibility and total motivation. Briana has stepped up and taken initiative to get plans going for our upcoming JAG I and II ceremony.

-Ms. Haxton

Ailyn Urias

Ailyn is always positive and cooperating. She is a great student in and out of class.

-Mr. Dustin Cook

Daniel Abbott

Daniel is well-rounded and involved in many different activities. Through all of his obligations, he manages to be fully committed. He not only strives to both achieve on a personal level, but also works to help others find success. I appreciate the care that he shows for underclassmen. He is a true leader.

-Mrs. Heath

Lorena Favela

Lorena is a quiet leader in my class. She strives to do well on every assignment. I know anything she does will be completed to the best of her ability.

-Mrs. Nairn

Hunter Dalton

Hunter has demonstrated an excellent work ethic. He does not complain and works to the best of his ability. He is mature, responsible, efficient, and sets a great example

-Mr. Hofflinger

Sara Selle

Sara is a nice student, always respectful and polite. She strives to do her best whether it is selling candy bars, working the concession stand for a club or doing her work to get good grades.

-Ms. Tutak

Brian Stapleton

Brian is always wanting to help other students. He has good grades and tries his best in all of his classes. Very seldom does he have missing assignments. He takes great pride in being an office aide.

Jocelyn Ochoa

Jocelyn has been very respectful to me and other students.
She is very helpful in class.

-Mr. Cook

Eric Vazquez

Outstanding young man!
Great role model.

Brianda Rodriguez

Brianda is a great student, respectful and courteous.

-Mr. Dustin Cook

Tek Harris

Tek is a joy to have in class. He is so very giving. His empathy for the feelings of others is amazing. I love his unique outlook on life and his intuitive nature. I wish all of my students were as caring as Tek.

-Mrs. Heath

Ruth Williams

Ruth is an exemplary student. She does excellent work for herself but is also very helpful to to other students that need it. Her aptitude and attitude demonstrate that she has very high expectations for herself.

-Mr. McAtee

Francissco Garcia

Francisco is a responsible learner and a joy to have in class. When he is absent he always gets his work made up quickly. He is attentive, on task, and participates willingly and actively. He is always polite and respectful.

-Mrs. Charles

A.J Roberts

A.J. is excellently behaved and always comes to class with a positive attitude. He pushes himself academically and isn’t afraid to ask questions. A.J. is courteous and polite to his peers.

-Ms. Drees

Autumn Weingrad

Autumn shows up everyday and quite simply does everything asked of her as a students. She not only works hard to meet her own expectations, but tries to help others as well. I appreciate her effort and willingness to learn.

-Mr. McAtee

Sergio Rodriguez

Sergio works hard to find the answers and is the first to attempt to participate in class. He is always cheerful and respectful in class. He exhibits the desire to do well.

-Mrs. Frieb

Brooke Suppes

Brooke is such a positive and hardworking young lady. She wears a smile everyday. She is always willing to help her peers and her teachers. Brooke exemplifies the true spirit of being a GBHS Panther!

-Ms. Galusha

Salem Kern

Salem is a pleasure to have in class, she is a very caring young lady who gets along well with classmates. I appreciate the kindness she shows to me and other students.

-Ms. Wolters

Rodrigo Berbil

Rodrigo is a great student who ensures his work his done and that he understands the concepts behind the work. He always has a positive, motivated attitude in Physics!

-Ms. Nairn

Hunter Sporn

Hunter does everything asked of him. He is helpful and respectful.

-Mr. Dustin Cook

Ema Loomis

Ema always works hard in class and gives her best. She speaks out against misbehaviors and encourages all to be the best they can be. She is the model of an excellent student.
-Mrs. Bentley

Cameron Stacey

Cameron works hard in class. He shows respect for others and his helpful.

-Mr. Dustin Cook

Selena Ochs

Selena loves to learn and discuss. She has high expectations for herself and does anything asked of her to meet them.

-Mr. Leech

Caleb Graham

Caleb is very respectful in class and helpful. He is a great student in the classroom and out.

-Mr. Dustin Cook

Zoe Jerke

Zoe is what we seek to find in a quality high school student and overall person. She works hard and is very conscientious of her performance each day.

-Mr. McAtee

Brannan Shaffer

Brannan has been one of the most optimistic students this year. He smiles, helps out when I need him to and he represented our school well out on the mat. I have been continually impressed by Brannan and I want to recognize his kindness and contributions within the classroom.

-Mrs. Seeman

Rylie Welsch

Rylie comes to class ready to learn and always with a smile. She is kind and courteous to me and everyone in class.

-Mrs. Clark

Wyatt Roach

Wyatt is good student at all times. He does what is required and never complains.

-Mr. Cook

Wendy Najera

Wendy is a great example of what an exemplary student looks like, she is always doing what is expected of her. She utilizes her time wisely. She is polite and respectful towards classmates and staff.

-Ms. True

Sebastian Cordova

Sebastian is an excellent “classmate.” he is always willing to act as a peer tutor when necessary. This speaks highly of his character and i appreciate that very much.

-Mr. McAtee

Kendyl Henning

Kendyl works hard to do her very best and is willing to do anything asked of her.

-Ms. Claussen

Blake Agnew

Blake is a student I look forward to seeing each day. He gives 100% in everything he does. He volunteers to help myself and peers. He participates in class discussions by raising his hand. He adds such a positive tone to my classroom, by demonstrating responsibility and leadership qualities.

-Mrs. Frieb

Taylor Lindberg

Taylor is a reliable, accountable, and trustworthy student that does her best for her own interest, but is also helpful to others. She exemplifies what is means to be a good student.

-Mr. McAtee