Looking Back on our Childhoods

Sayler Peplinski, Editor

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It is a common thing to think back upon one’s childhood. One thing that many students may look back on is the tv shows and movies that they used to watch and how they affected their childhood and friendships that they made and still have today. Sidney Cooper a freshman at GBHS said “It gave me a sense of humor I could share with other kids my age who also watched Spongebob.” Tv shows and movies also taught our younger selves life lessons that we can still follow in our everyday lives. Jalyn Lear senior at GBHS said “The show (Avatar: The Last Airbender) has a core message that no matter how small you are, or feel, you can overcome anything. The show also constantly made the point that it’s okay to be different and I strongly believe that today, especially since high school is a place that isn’t always the most accepting.” It is a natural thing to think back on our lives and for many students one of the things that thy look back on is what they watched when they were younger. Their favorite movies and tv shows is what helped make some of their childhood memories so great. Also looking back on this you can see the differences and similarities between students. For some kids they spent their time watching princess movies full of magic and endless possibilities or for others they became the greatest fans of action shows that were full of adventure and suspense. Tv and movies are not everything that makes up a childhood. Some kids loved to explore the great outdoors and for others their adventure were inside the pages of books. This shows once again the diversity of the students in GBHS. In High School some days can be extremely stressful with homework, participating in activities, and preparing for college. Which is why it is always great to look back on where we came from. Because when we look back on what we once loved no matter what it is it can still fill us with joy and nostalgia that sometimes we need on those stressful days.

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