One Quarter Down Three to Go

Sayler Peplinski, Editor

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It’s crazy to think that the first quarter of the year is already over. It seems like yesterday it was the first day of school and everyone was already for summer to come back around. How can the year go by so fast? Sports seasons have come and gone and others are still going strong like football and soccer. Due to students being more involved and sports doing better than ever this nine weeks has been more eventful than usual. Ema Millard, a senior at GBHS said “This school year has been going great for me so far and I’m excited to see how the rest of the year goes.” For the seniors the end of the first quarter means that they are one quarter closer to graduating and starting their lives. Even though one quarter of the year is over with there is still much more to come. Not just in school but in activities, sports and clubs. Hollyball, Graduation, Senior Night, Football Games, and many more events can make up an amazing school year for someone. Shelby Deason, a senior at GBHS said “I am looking forward to Softball season and senior night- it’s such an emotional game and everyone gives it their all.” For some people the greatest times that they have had so far this year has not been an event but just a normal day that they spent with their friends. Let’s hope that the rest of the school year goes as well as this nine weeks has gone.

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