The Rhythm of GBHS

Sayler Peplinski, Editor

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This year the Basketball Halftime show experienced a change that may go on for years to come. Starting this year the drum line made an appearance for one of the halftime shows for the boys basketball game. The GBHS drumline is well known for playing during the football games and getting the student section and the other band members cheering louder for the Panthers. If this year goes well it wouldn’t be a shocker to see winter drumline continue for years to come. But why would members of the fall drumline want to join winter drumline? Christopher Schenk junior member of the winter drumline said “People join winter drumline because they know how much fun they had in the fall, and it’s just as much fun in the winter except we’re just playing indoors instead of outdoors.” The winter drumline while playing during the halftime show for basketball is not going to be playing anything that the students of GBHS have heard before. “I think the songs are really fun and will hopefully get students excited and pumped up” said Dinah Newman, one of the members of the GBHS winter drumline. The members of the winter drumline not only played during the halftime show of one the basketball games. Last Saturday the winter drumline played for the chamber banquet and showed all of the hard work and talent that the winter drumline possesses. Maybe with the drum line now playing the student section rank will rise and more people will attend events all around town like the chamber banquet. This year the student section will have stronger school spirit during basketball season than it has ever had before with the help only the drumline and the jazz band, but also the students themselves. The students of GBHS have always had an abundance of school spirit but with the drum line now also cheering on the basketball teams the school spirit can only grow.

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