What is Mr. Perfect Panther?

Sayler Peplinski, Editor

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Last Friday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium was the annual Mr. Perfect Panther competition hosted by the GBHS Kayettes. The theme for this year was fairytailes. Mr. Perfect Panther is a competition where boys from this years senior class compete in various categories to be able to win the title of Mr. Perfect Panther. The contestants have to compete in several categories to be able to come out as a winner of the the title of Mr. Perfect Panther, Mr. Almost Perfect Panther, or People’s Choice. The winner of this competition is determined in several different categories like swimwear, formal wear, talent, and a questionnaire. “My favorite thing is seeing how funny the acts are!! Sometimes I just can’t stop laughing!“ said Jenna Mauler one of the co- head chairs of Mr. Perfect Panther.
Every year the proceeds from Mr. Perfect Panther go to two families in Great Bend who are need of help with medical expenses. This year a total of $1526 was raised for Kayden White and his family. Mr. Perfect Panther is a popular event at GBHS. Each year after a lot of work from the Kayette board and the senior guys the auditorium is packed with people who want to have a good time and have their money go to a good cause. “My favorite thing about Mr. Perfect Panther is that although we’re participating in a fun event for our school, we are also helping a family in need. It leaves you with a really good feeling knowing you made a difference in someone’s life” said Marcie Schartz the other Co- Head Chair for Mr. Perfect Panther.
People’s choice was a way for people to show their school pride and to show who the people thought should’ve won. Not only did the audience get to see the senior boys in this competition they also got to see the senior Kayette board members in their prom dresses to recognize their hard work over the years. Every year Mr. Perfect Panther is filled with laughs and surprises. It’s a great way to spend your Friday night by supporting you seniors. This year’s Mr. Perfect Panther winner was Payton Doll. The Almost Mr. Perfect Panther winner was Marcus Schmidler, and the People’s Choice winner was AJ Roberts. This fundraiser is a fun way to help the community and hopefully will continue for years to come.

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