Meet the New Band Director: Grant Mathews


Mollie Phillips , Reporter


Mr. Mark DeWald has been a very respected band director for Great Bend High School for the past eleven years. After his retirement, it was time for a new chapter in the lives of the charismatic band members. Mr. Grant Mathews was introduced to the group as the new director before the end of last year and immediately expressed his excitement for his first year with the band.

According to the band students, Mathews has made a very positive impact on the kids. Mathews spent time with the group this summer during their annual summer band camp and started on the new music and the new marching show. The band marched in the Hoisington Labor Day Parade on the 2nd and played a preview of the marching show they are working on at the football game with Andover. In addition, Mathews introduced the band at “Meet the Panthers” last Sunday showing an abundance of school spirit while exciting the crowd. 

Mathews is doing a great job leading the band according to students. Senior Christopher Schenk says, “Mr. Mathews brings a new style of teaching to the band and is clearly excited for this year.” The band is making progress with their marching show and music, and it is apparent to the students that he is very organized and ready for a great new year. Junior Carlos Jacobo says, “He really knows how to take control of things and knows how to keep his cool. He always has some good jokes to say during rehearsals which makes practice way more enjoyable!” Many other students say they enjoy band rehearsals and are always ready for new challenges.

All in all, Mr. Mathews has shown to be a very optimistic influence on the marching band and the community. Mathews says, “I hope to set a good direction for the band, and feel like we are the best version of ourselves we can be.  I look forward most to putting on quality performances, and having fun making music!” Mathews has made a very extensive impact on the band and plans on making great memories!