Laura Daniel, Reporter

The volleyball season is about to start! The first freshman game is on September 2, and varsity has their first game on September 6th. There are six seniors going out this year and there are 18 varsity and junior varsity players returning.

Each girl is allowed to choose her jersey number. Some have had their numbers from middle school or traveling team. Some just choose their jersey by the way it fits them. Girls might also choose their number because a parent had that number in a sport when they were in high school.

There are six different positions on the volleyball court. The front row players  spike the ball and block the ball from going onto their side of the court. The back row consists of a setter and two passers. There are also girls that play only back row called defensive specialists; these girls are some of the best passers on the team.

There are many different things to look forward to this season. The varsity team will be playing 18 different games. The practices are color themed so the players look like part of a team and the bonding can get stronger.

Number 10, Brynn Boxberger said “I choose my number as 10 because as an 8th grader it was one of the smaller sized jerseys that would fit and I have stuck with that number since. I play middle blocker and I like it because not only you hit the ball and try to score but you get to block and try to keep the ball off your side. This season I am looking forward to getting to play with my teammates that are so great and to get out and show people how hard we are working in the gym. ‘Leave your mark’ [the team’s motto] reminds me everyday to try my hardest and better myself so that I can help my team the best I can in order for us to leave our mark on every game we play.”