Vending Different Drinks

Marissa Garcia, Reporter

During the summer months, the school received new vending machines. The old vending machines were big, bulky, and worked only half the time. They would take money but often would not give the students their drink even if they were in stock. The updated vending machines provide a new selection of drinks for the students to enjoy. As students have noticed the change of machines and choices of drink, the vending machines have grown in popularity.

So why the change?

Activities Director David Meter explained that the change was made because “the beverage contracts are for five years. Pepsi and Coke bid for the contract. Pricing, products, vending service, equipment repair, delivery, marketing support and free goods are part of the contract. The district makes a decision based on these factors.” This year it seems Pepsi has won the contract and will now provide the school with a variety of drinks such as Kickstarts, diet sodas, Gatorade, and a selection of waters.

This change has provided a new look for the the vending machines. The new machines have grown to be favored more by the student body compared to the old machines, with the primary favorite addition seeming to be Kickstarts.

As these new machines continue to grow in popularity, more and more product is going out. The machines have already been restocked several times, as students keep buying out most of the products.

As the year continues, the popularity of the machines will only continue to grow