Kicking Off with a Bang!


Laura Daniel, Reporter

On Friday, Agust 30, the Panther football team kicked off their preseason with a football Jamboree at home.

The Jamboree was a scrimmage with Hoisington and Scott City. All three panther teams played throughout the night. This was the first year the team has done the Jamboree. This took the place of the soap scrimmage that the school has had for many years.

Coach Beck says “I’m glad they are doing it. It’s been something the coaches have wanted for a while, and KSHSAA finally put it through: our teams to see some live action before week one and you really get to evaluate our kids. You know this is a group that came in my first year so you know they have a special place with me here, and it’s kinda crazy how far they’ve come. We are looking forward for these guys to hopefully a good season.”

The football team has 22 seniors returning this year. There will be three home games this season with the first one next week against Andover on September 6. The second home game will be on Friday, September 20 against Wichita Northwest, and the third game will be Friday, October 18 against Liberal.

Number 39, Jose Guevara, commented, “It was a fun experience playing against Hoisington. We’re learning new plays and learning how to do more positions and using our abilities. It was a lot more fun than the soap scrimmage. I’m sad there isn’t very many home games because my family can’t watch the games.”