Open House

Bayle Sandy, Reporter

Every year, the Great Bend High School holds an Open House to allow students’ parents/guardians the opportunity to get acclimated to what their child goes through on a daily basis. This year the Open House was a hit: many parents and students came to the meal at 5:30 p.m. and then continued to go to the main gym for a welcome speech presented by Sergio Ramirez, a GBHS art teacher. This was followed by an introduction of the Panther Parent officers by its co-president, Kim Wheeler. Lastly, GBHS principal, Tim Friess, introduced the new teachers to end the introductory presentation. The itinerary for the rest of the night included classroom visits and meeting the teachers for parents could gain a better understanding of the climate of the high school. Randy Wetzel, the assistant principal, explained that the main objective of the Open House is to “get the parents here” and to see “what their child has to go through in a day and all the movements.”

In order to run the Open House, multiple groups and clubs around the high school assisted with a variety of tasks. Kathy Davis, a GBHS counselor, describes how she sent out a mass email to get these clubs involved in helping run the event. She commented how all the students who helped “did an outstanding job.”