The Paw Shop


Isaiah Smith, Pather Tales Staff Writer

Great Bend High School has its own store called the Paw Shop, which sells treats, hoodies, accessories, and other goodies for students to purchase. The Paw Shop is located in Ms. Allen’s class (room 135) and is operated by the students of GBHS during regular school hours. From the designs of the T-shirts to pricing to marketing, everything is from the students.

Paw Shop supervisor and business teacher, Ms. Allen, described the Paw Shop as a “student operated business that sells spirit gear apparel and snack foods.”

Since the Paw Shop debuted in 2017,  Ms. Allen’s  marketing and computer graphics classes come up with new ideas for the store. Computer Graphics creates a new design for a t-shirt every year and business and marketing classes help with the general aspects of running the store. Together they make the Paw Shop  a successful in-school business.

The Paw Shop’s success has allowed the student-run venture to grow. “We are going to expand our merchandise, and we are going to be doing more things, like creating our own tees, doing vinyl signs, cut outs for t-shirts. Baby steps, I guess you can say. The students are now more going to be in the production items this year,” said Ms. Allen.

Starting the business was a challenge for Mrs. Allen and her classes.  Limited funding from the school required some creative fundraising efforts.   The store’s founding students put on a daddy-daughter dance  that provided a prom-like experience, snacks, refreshments, and a magical set for elementary school girls and their fathers. From the funds raised from the very successful dance, Ms. Allen and her students were able to start up their school-owned business that is the Paw Shop today.