Student Band’s Rise to Fame

Mollie Phillips, Reporter

“Rage Against Reality” is a student led band that includes Ethan Reneau, drummer; Thain Bowman, bass; and Gavin Young, vocal and guitar. The idea was born back in Reneau and Young’s middle school days- the only problem was finding another member and getting them to stay. The band practices at the ag building by the old JCPenney’s after being evicted from their previous practice spot due to “false accusations” against RAR by the owner of the practice space. According to the band members, that whole situation was a blessing in disguise because it resulted in them finding a “better sponsor and practice space.”

Rage Against Reality is working on a music video that will be released at some point in October. They are working on an album as well, and they are trying to find more gigs since they are “in the middle of nowhere,” aka Great Bend, Kansas. Young also mentioned, “People have their own opinions about music, and once our music comes out, people will have an opinion about it.” Keeping up with the trials and tribulations of running a band has not been easy according to the group: they mentioned that it is challenging to keep the energy level up during rehearsal, and channeling inspiration is not easy.

All in all, every band has its troublesome moments, whether it’s lacking motivation, time, or a place to practice. Rage Against Reality has braved the difficulties and pulled inspiration from a variety of experiences and situations. One thing the band cherishes is that they are not only bandmates, but friends as well. Look for the Rage Against Reality music video and album coming soon.