Reality U: Welcome to the Real World


Isaiah Smith

Every year, volunteers from all over Great Bend come together for one day in the new gym of the middle school to teach 8th graders what the real world could be like when they grow up. From taking care of a kid to getting car insurance, the students are taught important life skills through this program.

On October 16th, 2019, GBMS is going to carry out the tradition of ‘Reality U,’ which is a program hosted by the United Way of Central Kansas to give 8th graders the chance to learn skills like how to manage finances or the importance of teamwork. Students get a “passport,” which serves like a checkbook so you can keep track of your spending. They are based on average American wages at 26 years old. Some people are paired up with a partner who serves as the student’s spouse, and they have to work together in their financial decisions.

This has gone on for several years now at GBMS, and each year it has positively impacted the students. “It helps students see that they can control their futures,” GBMS counselor Sheryl Neeland said, “by continuing to work hard and improve their performance in school and everyday life.”