YouTuber’s Swift Rise to Fame


Mollie Phillips, Reporter

YouTube is a popular video platform that has a variety of content and entertainment. You can subscribe to the channels that you enjoy watching and like or dislike videos. Some well-known YouTubers even sell merchandise online. Some of the categories that the videos are sorted into include comedy, gaming, music, art, and entertainment. However, those options are just scratching the surface of all you can find on the website or mobile app.

It takes most content creators on YouTube a long time to gain popularity and subscribers. Recently a content creator named Jennelle Eliana had an unprecedented rise to fame. She posted her first video on June 26th, 2019 and it received 8.8 million views. Her videos are centered around her life and her home: a van she remodeled. After her first few videos, she gained around 1 million subscribers. You don’t see that very often on YouTube; it takes many creators years to make a name for themselves on the platform.

Eliana now has 2.15 million subscribers and has posted 11 videos. That’s pretty rare for a lifestyle YouTuber, and it is definitely stirring up controversy from YouTube fans. What do you think about this YouTuber? Go check her out!