Changes Throughout Makeup’s History

Laura Daniel, Reporter

Makeup has been used for thousands of years. There have been many different makeup trends over the years.

Makeup trends have changed throughout the decades. In the 1900s, the women used red lipstick and bright red or pink blush. Women used very little eyeliner in the 1910s. In the 1980s, makeup was bright and colorful. There were very little natural colors during the ’80s. Most of the colors used in the ’80s were blues, pinks, yellows, and bright colored lipsticks. In the 1990s, makeup went back to the natural style, using more browns and tans on the eyes. In the 2000s, makeup has become what we know today. The natural colors and the “smokey eye” have been prominent through this era.

Throughout history, men have used makeup as well, until the ’80s when makeup was put on one spectrum on the gender scale. Nowadays people have changed their views on this. For example, James Charles and Jeffree Star are major male makeup artists today. They both have makeup lines in stores like Ulta Beauty and Sephora.

Some major makeup lines are Kylie Cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup, Maybelline, Mac Makeup, Covergirl, and many more. Most makeup brands consist of everything, including foundation, blush, powders, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara and many more. Some brands, like Kylie Cosmetics or James Charles Cosmetics, specialize in eye shadows and lipsticks. Most makeup brands can be bought at Walmart, Target, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and online with different apps. Less expensive brands are found normally at Walmart and Target, while more expensive brands are found at Ulta Beauty and Sephora.

There are different occasions to wear different styles of makeup. For example, you wear natural makeup for school, work, or interviews. There is also stage makeup, which requires more blush and darker lipstick to accent facial expressions as seen from the audience. Makeup for awards or the red carpet is normally heavy or darker colors. Makeup for dances like Prom and Hollyball is up to what the girl wants. Wedding makeup is the same way; the bride chooses what she wants on her big day.

Makeup can be used in many ways, and all makeup is different. Cosmetic products are used around the world on a daily basis for men or women to look better and/or have more confidence in what they are doing or attending. Cosmetics have changed throughout the decades with new and exciting trends.