Give Us More Snow Days: A Poem

Lucy Mitchell


Credited to C.J. Gibson

Twas December 16th, a day filled with snow

The streets were all white, and the ice was aglow.

As great as it looked, no peace was long held

Cars slid and slipped and were otherwise compelled

To avoid these white streets that were now a nuisance;

The issues that followed long having been proven.

The answer was simple, to the people of Great Bend

whose children required rides and / or energy to expend:

“Let us have a snow day, with no school for all!”

The people had concurred, an appealing call

And all who agreed thought it would be simple

But the school administration had plans that were sinful.

As the emails were checked, people refreshed and waited

They had hoped for a snow day, their breathes being bated.

To dismay and rage, feelings all passed around,

The school day wasn’t cancelled, forcing travel through town.

The parents, students, and all who’d object

Did exactly what you might’ve come to expect:

Nothing and nada, not even a brawl

Not a protest or riot or anything at all

A few groans and neighsays, but nothing worth much

The loudest sound made was the snow being crushed.

So consider this poem a call to unite

Against the school’s decision, that we should all fight

Give us more snow days, a simple request

No cutting of breaks, no expense to be stressed

We care not for bureaucracy, we can put that aside

For a goal above wishing: to give all a good night.