Pinning to Win


Laura Daniel, Reporter

This past weekend, the wrestling teams have been having tournaments and duels. There have been some small changes to the home duels.

Recently spotlights have been added to the roof of the main gym to shine down on the varsity wrestlers as they do their match.

“It makes it a way different atmosphere more towards wrestling,” said senior Carsyn Schooler.

A few of the boys are ranked in the state for wrestling. These boys are ranked 5 in the state.  Avery Wolf is ranked 6 for 113. Wyatt Weber is ranked 5 for 120. Drew Liles is part of this group being ranked 6 for the weight class 132. Carsyn Schooler, and Gage Fritz are ranked 2 for 138 and 145. George Weber is 3 in the state for 152. Alex Randolph is 4th in the state for 160.

The boys had a tournament in Valley Center on Saturday. The team had many place at this tournament. Skyler McMullen placed 5th, Kaden Spragis 3rd, Avery Wolf 2nd, John Szot 4th, Drew Liles 2nd, Carsyn Schooler 1st, Toby West 2nd, Quinn Hoffman 3rd, Gage Fritz 1st. Owen Ridgeway 2nd, Alex Randolph 1st, Scott Hielman 3rd, Eli Witte 3rd, Adrian Hurado 4th, and lastly Alan Miramontes 5th.

Today, the wrestling team has a duel against Dodge City at home at 5:00 p.m. Come see the wrestlers pin a victory under the new spotlights.