Human Interaction


Mollie Phillips, Reporter

Generation Z and millennials live in a world of technology. Nowadays, there is an app for everything, and instead of talking to someone in person, you are just one click away from calling or texting them. It is proven that as humans, we need interaction and physical touch from others to stay happy and healthy. Kids who just stay cooped up in their room on their gaming consoles, phones, TV’s, and computers need to learn the importance of human interaction.

According to Virginia Tech expert Shalini Misra, “Spending too much time interacting online leaves less time for in-person social interactions that improve well-being and mood. In addition, the vicarious exposure to graphic coverage of traumatic events online can cause acute and chronic stress and anxiety among children and youth.” Obviously, it is very healthy to spend time outside and with family, but kids and young adults just can’t seem to put down their devices.

Stimulating your brain with human interaction and healthy activities will help you in the long run, other than staying cooped up inside on screens all day. It has been proven that human touch and interaction is crucial for health and happiness. Keeping track of and limiting your screen time will most likely boost your mood and health immensely, and fitting time in for your family and friends will, too!