They Gave Us a Snow Day: Another Poem


Stay safe and stay inside today!

CJ Gibson, Editor

Twas January 17, a day covered in ice,

Everyone expecting the choices not to be nice.

The roads were all slick, and the cars frozen closed.

Though forecasts looked grim, Great Bend already knows

428 has no snow days, none in our town,

As those in charge drive in raised trucks all around.

And with no bus route, some of the youth walks to school

With their heaviest coats on, battling the cool.

The current senior class was last in fifth grade

When the announcement due to weather was last made.

So the parents gave up, and so did their children,

On wishing for snow days away from school buildings.

Yet some hope still remained, and perhaps that is why

On this winter morning, the students all cried,

“There’s a snow day! No school! I can’t believe it!”

They went back to sleep, with their wishes admitted.

This was an act of kindness: a three day weekend;

A day of rest from the classes we attend.

So everyone, please, stay inside today.

Prove to the administration that we deserved this day.

They showed us all they do care, so don’t ruin this

Stay home and stay safe on this day we typically miss.