Birthing Simulator


Marissa Garcia, Reporter

On February 11, 2020, Brittany Fanshier, a Nurse and Instructor of Obstetrics & Pediatrics at Barton, visited Andrea Stalcup’s A&P II class to talk about how a nurse is involved in the birthing procedure. The class concluded its reproductive system unit with a hands-on experience over the stages of delivery, using some of the college’s lab equipment and a birthing simulator Stalcup received from a community grant last year. Senior Olivia Petrik said, “She [Fanshier] told us the proper way that the physician or nurse would feel the cervix to see dilation. The birthing simulator showed me what exactly goes on in the uterus and it showed what I can do to help as a nurse. It did give me some push towards pediatrics and knowing what all I can do there.” This simulation helped students better understand the birthing process and the involvement of nurses.