The History of Valentine’s Day


Mollie Phillips, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for stuffed animals, flowers, candy, and romance. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day celebrations date back to the year 496 A.D., but it didn’t become an actual holiday until the end of the 5th century. Romans would celebrate by having a huge festival and feast and lovers everywhere would confess their feelings for one another. After the 14th century, it became known as the designated holiday of love.

Valentine’s Day has also been referred to as Saint Valentine’s Day and Feast of Saint Valentine. According to legend, Saint Valentine healed the sight of his judge’s daughter after being caught administering Christian beliefs. He wrote a letter to the daughter as a farewell message before he was executed, signing it,”Your Valentine.” Pope Gelasius established the Feast of Saint Valentine to honor the Saint and his good deeds.

This holiday has changed drastically over the centuries, but the message of love remains the same. Now that you know the true meaning of the holiday, share the story!