“The Simpsons” Let us Down… Or Did it?


Isaiah Smith, Panther Tales Staff

Have you seen this picture? The one with President Donald Trump in a coffin that looks like it came straight from an episode of The Simpsons. The Simpsons is one of the most iconic adult swim shows out there. With over 30 seasons of yellow characters giving us laughs and unexpected plot twists, today would be the official day they let us down. They have failed to predict a catastrophic event… or did they?

In the past The Simpsons have made headlines because of their scary or silly, terrible or trendy predictions that became reality. For instance, Bart catching a three eyed fish in a river by a power plant in S2 Ep. 4. Later in real life they found a three eyed fish in a river in Argentina that was connected with a nuclear power plant. Another famous prediction from the show was 9/11, where you see a brochure saying “$9 a day” with the twin towers behind it, making it seem like the date 9/11 was important. As we all know, the twin towers aren’t there anymore after a horrific tragedy, something The Simpsons possibly tried to warn us about.

As you might have known, Donald J. Trump has been diagnosed with the coronavirus abruptly after making fun of Joe Biden for wearing a large mask. He was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to get treatment. Many theories have been revolving around him dying, expecting karma and The Simpsons to be proven right once more, but it never happened. This is because the picture of Donald Trump in the coffin that has been going around the internet is FAKE! With Trump being symptom free for 24 hours, it looks like he’s in the clear.

That picture was just a bunch of internet trolls looking for an opportunity to become popular. Luckily it was fake because who knows what could have happened if it was real; would the president still be alive? Could that fake picture just be a warning to us all? Are we even safe?