“A Simpler Time” not So Simple to Produce Thanks to Covid


Natalie Williams (Left) and Isaiah Smith (Right) practicing their lines for the play.

Dathan Proffitt, Staff Writer

In this chaotic world, it’s nice to find an escape. These days it’s usually T.V. or movies. But the GBHS Drama Club, led by our very own Mrs. Holly Johnson, has been working hard on this year’s fall play “A Simpler Time.” The play is about three teens who invent a time machine and go back to find a “simpler time,” something that we all probably wish that we could do now. Many people are wondering how this play is being accomplished, because as we all know, covid is running rampant. 

Drama Club has been diligently working to make sure that the play is entertaining and on time, while also keeping everyone safe. Covid was a big factor in the selection of this play, because this play doesn’t have many characters in a scene, which keeps the actors safe. They are always wearing masks in practice, and have cut down the practice groups to only a couple of actors at a time. When the play is actually performed on opening day, November 6th through 8th, the actors will wear clear masks so that the audience can still see their facial expressions. The plan for the play presentation is to record the play, rather than let anyone watch it live. That way it keeps the audience and cast safe.

Thanks to Drama Club’s hard work and dedication to the play, we will have an escape from this hectic world on this search for a “Simpler Time.”