Tryout Week. Winter Sports Pick Their Players.

Tryout Week.  Winter Sports Pick Their Players.

Kynslee White, staff

     Winter sports tryouts begin this week. Whether it’s basketball, bowling, swimming or wrestling, hopeful athletes prepare to fight for a spot on the team. Here are five tips to help prospective players get noticed by the coaches. 

     Tip number one is stick to your strengths. Many athletes will try to do fancy  tricks or other skills they haven’t mastered yet to impress the coach. For example, if you play post and are really good at rebounds and baskets by the goal, then don’t go out and try and drain a three. The coach only gets to see you for a limited amount of time, so show them what you are good at and limit your chances of making mistakes.

     Tip number two: always hussle. Even if it’s to the line to start a drill, Coaches notice when you are putting in the effort. If you show hustle in practice, they will know you care and will hustle in games.

     Tip number three is being a great teammate. Every coach wants a teammate who will build up the other players. They want an athlete who is also trying to make the players around them better instead of tearing them down. Cheer your teammates on constantly. By displaying your support for your teammates in practice, the Coaches will notice your sportsmanship. 

     Tip number four is not letting your mistakes get to you. I am definitely guilty of missing a basket and then thinking I will miss every basket after that. Everyone makes mistakes and no one  will make every basket. The best players don’t let the little mistakes get to use their failures to grow and become great.  

     Last but not least, have a positive overall attitude. This one ties into all the ideas above. You have to believe you will make the team if you want a chance at making the team. If you don’t convince yourself that you can make the team,  then you are not going to play like you will. Think positive thoughts and let the coaches know that you are willing to do what it takes to make the team.