Students Of The Week

Dathan Proffitt, Staff

Another week of school provides another chance to honor two new students of the week: Maddix Pokorski and Mariana Castillo. 

Maddix Pakorski is a sophomore this year, and his favorite thing about the high school is getting to interact with his friends all day. “Maddix is always helpful in getting discussions started and works hard to keep his assignments completed. He is a joy to have in class and makes each topic interesting for the class,” said social studies teacher Denny Lewis. Maddix plans to go on to MIT or Caltech after high school to study particle physics or chemical engineering. 

Mariana Castillo is a junior this year, and her favorite thing about high school is getting to see teachers and friends. “Mariana always has such a positive attitude in class and towards her peers.  When she was faced with her partner leaving our class during a teaching project she never complained and stepped up to take care of the whole presentation by herself. This speaks volumes for who she is as a person.  Mariana takes every challenge head on and does her best to conquer the challenge,” said Teaching as a Career instructor SarahEllegood. Mariana plans to attend Barton for her two years, and then complete a degree in education at a university.

Both Maddix and Mariana receive a gift card as a prize for being student of the week. However, now that they have been students of the week, they are unable to earn the title for the rest of the school year.  Students of the week are selected from nominees submitted by faculty members at Great Bend High School.