KSHSAA: More Spectators to Be Allowed at Sporting Events

Kynslee White, Staff

The KSHSAA Board of Directors  is increasing the number of spectators for winter activities  to four spectators per participant. Before they had only been allowing for each to have two spectators for each student that were guardians to attend the games. This news will become effective January 29.  Participants include coaches, players, cheerleaders, dance members, pep band, journalist, and managers. Great Bend will be adding new guidelines for admission into both middle school and high school events. 

Requirements to attend games:

The contributor must submit the names of the people who are watching the game to their coach/sponsor at least two days before the event. The spectators must be family. This means it is restricted to parents, siblings, stepparents, and grandparents as long as it is under four people per participant.

Getting into the game 

You must check in at the gate and purchase a ticket to the activity you are attending. You will only be allowed in if you are on the spectators list beforehand. 

Changes and Other Information 

The spectator list should only have the names of those planning to come to the event. The board would like to allow other students access to come watch their classmates’ games if they do not happen to reach capacity for an event. Social distancing will still be required between spectator groups along with everyone wearing masks.  If you would like to change, the spectator list must be submitted to the offices. The High School Activities Office number is 793-1560 and the Middle School office at 793-1510. You must make these changes prior to the event. These changes will apply to the sports of basketball, bowling and wrestling. They are still determining the spectators allowed at swim meet and these regulations may vary from every school.