Weekly Activity Updates February 8th-14th

Weekly Activity Updates February 8th-14th

Kynslee White

With all the activities we have going on at GBHS It would be nice to have a weekly reminder of the activities every week. I am here to tell you what is happening with high school and any other reminders weekly. Here are this week’s events. 


PTRC is open from 9am-5pm. 

Middle School basketball game in Scott City

D-BOE meeting at 5pm 



High School Bowling in Garden City

High School Girls and Boys basketball in Buhler 

Middle School Band Concert at 7pm at the Middle School



No Activities 



Home Bowling Meet with Liberal

Middle School Basketball School in Garden City against Horace Good

Middle School Scholars Bowl meet in Ellinwood

High School Swim WAC at the Barton Community College



High School Girls and Boys Basketball Game in Garden City 

Girls Wrestling Regionals 



High School state scholar bowls 

High School Bowling in Andover 

Middle School Wrestling Girls Wrestling in Liberal 


Basketball Update 

The Boys basketball team has played a total of 13 games. Their current standing is 4-9.Homecomings final score against Liberal was a close loss of 41-51. The next game will be an away game against Buhler where we are hoping to take home a Win. 

The Girls Basketball team has played a total of 14 games. They also have the same standing of 5-9. The Homecoming final Score against Liberal was a loss of 39-62. Their next game will be against Buhler and we are hoping they take a win home as well.