Vikki Valentine: The Love Expert


Vikki Valentine , Love Expert

Relationships are hard work! Whether you’ve been in the game for years or whether you are just starting out with your first crush. Everyone needs advice. Well that’s why I am here, Vikki Valentine, the loveeeeee expert.

Some anonymous submissions have been streaming in and I’m here to answer!

Q: Why does he not like me back?

A: The feeling that someone has should come natural, so if it doesn’t seem like he likes you back it is either because they don’t know how to process how they feel or that feeling isn’t the same as yours. Don’t go seeking something that you know is wrong, it is your feelings trying to fill a void that your mind thinks you need. You need something that benefits you for who you are and what you want, some things you want aren’t always helpful to you. In other words, there are other fish in the sea, and they would all be happy to get to know you.

Q: How to make toxic go *poof*

A: Well the love expert herself has faced some toxicity in her love life, and let me tell you it is hard. Some things are hard to walk away from no matter how hard you try, but you need to remember that you yourself as a high schooler, you are trying to find your way and develop. As someone who is going through that, you can’t always help someone else that isn’t seeing the right way to things. Sooner or later your heart will be done with the continuous hurt that comes along with the word “toxic” and then you eventually learn that in the end it wasn’t worth the hassle. Be true to yourself and let your heart talk to you and tell you when enough is enough.  Remember that you have your whole life ahead of you, this pain now is preparation for the future where you can face it and overcome the challenge.


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“There is no remedy to love; but to love more.”- Thoreau