Vikki Valentine: The Love Expert


Vikki Valentine , Love Expert

Relationships are hard work! Whether you’ve been in the game for years or whether you are just starting out with your first crush. Everyone needs advice. Well that’s why I am here, Vikki Valentine, the loveeeeee expert.

Some anonymous submissions have been streaming in and I’m here to answer!

Q: How do you know if you’re annoying to your significant other?

A: Annoying is a term that has brutal meaning, in fact there is more than just one. If you have to worry heavily about if you are annoying your partner, ask, there is no hurt in asking “Hey am I being a little annoying?” Worst case scenario they say yes, but then you guys can use that and overcome it and bond even more. Sometimes annoyance is a good thing when it comes to relationships because it can always be used as a good turn over in your relationship.

Q: How are babies made?/How do I make children?

A: Y’all……. CHILDREN? High schoolers are meant to experience all of the good perks of high school and move onto great things. Babies are cute yes, but stay up until 2 AM with a crying baby when you have an exam that day, not so cute. Wait until you are older, you have your whole life ahead of you! p.s if you don’t know how to, you don’t need to. But if you do, still, you don’t need to.

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“You are my today, and all of my tomorrows.”- Leo Christopher