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Vikki Valentine

Annnnnd we are back, Vikki was a little behind and couldn’t keep you updated with her famous love advice! But I have returned!

Today we have some questions that are steamy and we need to get to the bottom of the problem so we can get it solved!

Q: Why am I so ugly?

A: You are not ugly, nobody is ugly. Everyone is uniquely beautiful. Being beautiful isn’t an objective or defiance that you take in from everyone else. How you feel about yourself boosts how you feel. Yes, I can’t see you, but from you taking time to pick up a pencil and seek answers through a box you genuinely care. For someone who cares about how you look, you have a heart, and anyone that has a heart is immediately beautiful, weather they use it for good or bad. UGLY doesn’t exist when it comes to describing someone, nobody is ugly, they are different; and different is never ugly.

Q:How do you get over someone?

A: Time. Time. Time. I know that is a basic answer but you need to breathe. Don’t let waves of emotion take you over trying to get over someone, because why drown when you can surf. Meaning why stress getting over someone so fast when you can ride the wave and let it happen easily. You may cry, you may  laugh, but whatever you do will better you in the feature.

How do you know if you’re getting cheated on?

A:  Are you a girl? yes? Are you dating a boy? yes? Well then you are definitely getting cheated on. No, no that’s not true let’s be serious. That is a tricky question, i think if you have to ask maybe you need to have a talk with your partner. If you feel like deep down in your heart that the person is distant and seeming shady, speak with them. An honest relationship should be able to have calm conversations about it, yes you might be angry or upset, but you have to remember to use your voice in a good manner. If it does turn out to be what you think it is, it’s rough at first but you will learn to become strong and independent until you are ready for something new! 🙂

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“All great achievements require time.” -Maya Angelou