Brent Faiyaz Review


Kynslee White

Basic Information 

Brent is an American singer-songwriter and a record producer. He was born September 20, 1995 and is currently at the age 25. He first started making music at the age of 12 and his parents were not always understanding of his dreams in music. He first started uploading music in 2014 where he became big from there. 


Biggest Hits

Poison- This song was released in 2016. It is under the album A.M. paradox and is the genres R&B/Soul. The song is about a girl being no good but you keep coming back like poison. 

Circles- Circles was released under an album called Do Not Listen along with two other songs which are “Paper Soldier” and “Price of Fame”. This album is only available from a certain link.

Make Luv- This song was released in 2018. It is under the album make luv and is also the genre R&B/Soul. 

Running on E- Running on E was released in 2015. It is under the album Running on E and is also the genre R&B/Soul like the previous songs.

Talk 2 U- Talk 2 U was released in 2017. It is under the album Sonder Son and is also the genre R&B/Soul.

My Personal Favorites

Bluffin- This song was released in 2020. It is under the album **** the world and it is in the genre R&B/Soul. This song is about a girl who he can’t tell if she is just playing games or if she actually cares for him. 

Darling/ Wish you Well- This song is unreleased yet but it’s about him being honest that he wants her to be happy with only him

Dead Man Walking- This song was released in 2020 and is under the album Dead Man Walking. This song is one of my favorites because it just puts off the carefree life. He describes a night. It is like he has an adrenaline rush and isn’t ready to die down.  

Running on E. – Running on E is my favorite biggest hit song by Brent. It is a slow beat that also contains drowsy vocals. It tells the story of Brent’s girl leaving him for someone else. However, he knows she still has a soft spot for him. 

Trust- Trust was the first song I listened to by Brent that got me into his music. Trust is more questioning your vision on life. My favorite verse out of all of Brent’s songs Is “Hood fame, everybody knows my name when I come through But don’t nobody scream it like you. I was having visions with’ you Doin’ things, switching lanes in the Beamer with you”.


Fun Facts

He was born in Maryland but calls L.A. home.

His real name is Christopher Brent Wood

His zodiac sign is a Virgo 

His net worth is currently around $350 thousand