Teacher Appreciation Week


Kynslee White

Teacher Appreciation Week 



Teachers change lives and help inspire and teach the students every day they are at school. They do all this work for the students so this week is to show how much we care for them. Teacher appreciation week is a way for us to recognize everything they do for us whether it’s giving them a little present or card or simply just telling them thank you. 


Student Council 

Student council has really shown their appreciation towards the teachers in their school. They have spent their time preparing gifts for all of the teachers to show how much they care. They have/will be giving the teachers a surprise everyday. Mrs. Henderson, the administrator of the student council, has really taken it up a notch with even creating a quiz for the students to see how much they know their students along with making a shoutout board. On this board, students send in a bunch of responses to a teacher they would like to give a thanks to and Henderson puts them up on a board where they will see them everyday. Other clubs have also shared that they are planning a surprise for the administration as well. 



This quiz Henderson made was to show how well the students really know our teachers. The students who have the most correct answers will be recognized and have their names entered in the grand prize drawing. These questions will begin at the start of your fifth hour and end at the end of eight. Make sure to fill this out in your email. A new one will be sent out every day.