Shoe Game of 2021


Kynslee White

Shoes have always been a really popular thing. Whether you jumped on the trend of crocs, birks or even sketchers when you were little. I personally have just started getting into shoes. With all the trends going around and different people’s taste in style, I wanted to see which shoes are the top selling as of today. 


First off, we have Air Force 1 Lows. These shoes have been very popular over the last few years. 

These were created by Bruce Kilgore and was the first shoe to use the Nike air technology. v

Second, we have Air Max 270’s. The air max 270 have also been very popular and is coming in second place as the most sold shoes. The 270s are named after the Air Max 93 but stands for 270 degrees. They are comfortable shoes but the air capsules will make the run really enjoyable.


Next, we have the Air Vapormax Plus. This shoe is a combination of Nike Air Maxes but with Vapormax cushioning. This shoe was designed to have the perfect amount of air needed to be able to support a runner. 


Fourthly, we have the Air Max 90/Exceeds. This shoe is made with elegance lining and a twist proportion. They are well cushioned, soft and an excellent shoe for walking or long days on your feet. In my opinion, I personally own almost all of these shoes and these are the best fitting pair of shoes I own. 


Last but not least, we have Air Jordan 1 Mids. Depending on the type of shoe you get, you could be spending 100 dollar to 1000 dollars on this pair of shoes. Mids are a shoe that will become extremely popular in 2020 and are predicted to keep skyrocketing in sales. The price all has to do with the value of the Jordan Brand. I own Air Jordan Mids and I only spent 180 on mine. Lows and highs were introduced in 1985. However, mids were not introduced till the 2000’s.