The Worlds Favorite Movies


Kynslee White

   With how many options we have for movies, many people have different favorite movies. We have so many opportunities, with new movies constantly releasing, you always have the choice to watch something you have not seen before I wanted to see what the most watched movies as of right now were. Different movie platforms, like Netflix, have a top ten movie selection but this is a wider variety of platforms that get the overall most watched.


Top 5


Coming in fifth place we have The Night House. This movie was released in 2020. This movie was directed by David Brunker. This movie is about a woman named Beth, the star actor named Rebecca Hall, has experienced the unexpected death of her husband. She was left all alone in the house that he built for her and starts to experience the unnatural presence of haunting. Going against the advice of others, she starts digging in his personal items to get answers. 


Next, in fourth place, we have The Green Knight. This movie is directed by David Lowery and released in 2021. This movie is about a King author, played by Sean Harris, sets out on a quest to confront the Green Knight. With Author being the headstrong nephew, he is determined to prove himself to his family and the royal court. 


In third place, we have The Suicide Squad. This movie was released in 2021 and was directed by James Gunn. This movie tells the story of the most dangerous super villains in the world. The government sent them on a top secret mission to the island of Corto Maltese. These supervillains, who have now been armed with government weapons, are on a mission to save the world from a supernatural threat. 


Moving up to second place, we have the movie Free Guy. This movie was released in 2021 and was directed by Shawn Levy. This movie is about a bank teller named Guy, played by Ryan Renolds, who discovers his life is all just a video game. With him being a background player, he decided to become a hero. With no limits in his world, he becomes determined.

The most watched movie as of this day is Reminiscence. This movie is directed by Lisa Joy and came out in 2021. This movie is about a private investigator, Nick Bannister, who is determined to help people by uncovering their lost memories. When he starts digging deep into the case of a girl who just disappeared, he discovers a life changing violent conspiracy theory.

Like I mentioned before, different people have different tastes in movies. I decided to ask some students at Great Bend High School what their favorite movie was. Here is the information I got:

Others Favorite

Kambryn White: Clueless

Elle Hutchinson: Wolf of Wallstreet

Mya Ward: Walle 

Janica Kramer: Fast in Furious 

Kennedy Sandy: Wonder Woman 

Kynslee White: Footloose

Joseph Andrulis: Pixels 

These were just a few students and they all had different top picks for their favorite movie. Overall, this article was to see the top movies right now. While we got to see the most popular according to the most views, we also got a look at people’s personal favorites. Now we need to know, What is your favorite movie?