Kennedy Kern, Content Creator

The Panther Paw Shop is getting a new home. It opened about two and a half years ago in, what was, Mrs. Lita Allen’s room. Now it has grown like crazy and is sponsored by Mrs. Amber Lucchesi. The Paw Shop is student run. Mrs. Lucchesi’s classes work together to maintain it.

The Paw Shop sells snacks, shirts, and other panther merchandise. They have buttons, tumblers, license plates, phone cases, and key chains.

One of the avid student workers, Jacob Babcock (12), is looking forward to the new location. Babcock’s favorite part of working in the shop is “helping design and make the t-shirts.” He also enjoys seeing the effect the shop has on the school.

The Paw Shop has gotten so popular that it needed to be moved to a bigger room. They decided the shop would be more accessible if it were in the commons where everyone goes at least once a day.

Ellyson Somers (11) is in charge of marketing for the Paw Shop because she enjoys making social media adds for the shop and GBHS. She has learned business and marketing skills that will be helpful later in life. “I am excited about the location in the commons because it will enhance our sales and have the Paw Shop be actually seen by others,” said Somers. For marketing they even made a TikTok account: ​

Go check out the new shop and support our panthers!