Our Certified Lover Boy


Kynslee White

Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s New Trending Album. Drake’s fans have been waiting for this album for several years now and it has finally been released. Drake quotes on his Instagram “I was planning to release my album this month, but between surgery and rehab, my energy has been dedicated to recovery”. Drizzy, Drake’s nickname after collabing with Lil Wayne, released his album through the OVOS soundtrack. 

Collab With Nike

Certified Lover Boy and Nike have recently started collabing. He launched a CLB time capsule with Nike. Drake’s merch has been coming through Nike including his new Air Force 1 collab. These shoes are very similar to the classic air forces. On the bottom of the show it quotes “love yourself forever”. The initial merch reveal came after he dropped “Laugh Now Cry Later” and has went up since then. The link for drake’s official merch website is: https://us.octobersveryown.com/ 


The Release 

Drake’s album was released at midnight on September 3rd. Drake’s sixth album broke the record for the most streamed record in one day. Drake has already been celebrating his accomplishment with his newest album. The record was previously held by Drake with his 2018 project scorpion. Apple music recently reviewed that after this album dropped, he has been the most-streamed artist of 2021. 




My Views


As Drizzy being my favorite artist, I of course have listened to the album many times. I have selected a couple songs that have stood out to me. I personally believe this album was good, but Drake’s previous albums have been better. He did have a couple songs in this album that made it pop to me. Here they are:


Champagne Poetry – This song ranks #4 on the Rolling Stone top 100 charts as of September 9th.


 Girls want girls- ranks #2 on the same chart. This song shows her admiration for lesbian women and compares themselves to them by saying they also like girls. 


Way 2 Sexy- Drake collabs with Future and Young Thug on this song. They previously collaborated on the mixtape “D4L”. It interpolates lyrics from the 1999 hit “I’m too sexy” by right said Fred, which is sampled into the intro. 


Knife Talk- This song is Drake and 21 Savage making a song over gangs to fame in women. This is their 3rd official collaboration and 4th overall. 


Tsu- In this song, Drake sings about a stripper who is trying to get her life together after her parents cut off all ties to her. Drake respects her for the work she’s putting in and tries to help. This song has similarities to the song “The Real Her” previously done by Drake. 


These are just my favorite songs and could differ for everyone. I do not find the album a very certified lover boy of his but it was a great album. This track has been compared to Kayne West’s new album. While they have had beef for years. I will be comparing the two albums in the next story I write. Make sure to go check that out. Overall, this was just a quick review of Drake’s new trending album.