Stop Toxic Masculinity in Clothing


Isaiah Smith, Author

Let’s go back in time, where men wore silky skirts, heavy makeup, shiny jewelry, and crazy wigs. Most of the men had wives who also wore dresses, skirts, makeup, and shiny jewelry with no one frowning on it. Skip forward to present day, if you wear a skirt, makeup, or heels, you are shamed with comments like “that’s girly” or “are you gay?” Why is this the case? Why can’t men just wear what they want without forcing this ‘masculine’ agenda on them? 

I do not necessarily go around in a skirt or heels, but they are stylish for every gender. When we start to conform males to certain clothing, this is a sad attempt of society trying to control men to fit their ‘manly expectations.’ 

For example, men’s clothing has been the same since the 1800s, not accepting anything else than the classic t-shirt, suit, jeans, polo, sneakers, etc. Nowhere does companies even suggest skirts, heels, dresses, or crop tops for sale.  

This is a problem and needs to be stopped, and the only way it can be stopped is by normalizing feminine clothes on males. If I wear a skirt, does that make me gay? No, it does not. It means I like that skirt. If I wore makeup, would that mean I think I am ugly? No, it means I like makeup. When we start normalizing men wearing feminine clothes and products, then society would be better and filled with less discrimination and more acceptance.  

Once we start accepting other people for who they are, this toxic culture is going to grow into a more loving one. Where guys do not have to be afraid to wear what they want. It is not hard. If you do not like it, there is no reason to comment on it. When you start accepting others, they will accept others too.