GBHS Spirit Week


Kynslee White

Monday – tacky tourist

We all know those pictures or movies we have seen with that one tourists that just stands out. The Hawaiian shirt, a big camera, fanny pack, a beach hat, etc. Well Monday is your day to dress like one. Come in the tackiest tourist outfit you can think of. 


Tuesday – country vs country club

For this day students get to choose between dressing like a preppy kid. This could be like a bow tie and a dress or a tennis skirt and a racket. Or decking out with the straight country boy/girl theme. For this you can wear boots, flannels, camouflage, cowboy hat, etc. 


Wednesday – dress like a teacher

Do you have a favorite teacher in the building? What do they normally wear? A button up? A sweater? Khakis? Well here’s your chance to match with your favorite teacher. Wear what they normally wear to school on Wednesday so you can participate in dress like teacher day. 


Thursday – Baby vs granny

On Thursday, it’s freshman and sophomores vs juniors and seniors. Since the underclassmen are considered the babies of the school, they will have the opportunity to dress as one. This could be pajamas, pacifier, pig tails, etc.  Since the upperclassmen have been here the longest they get to dress as seniors. This could be a grey wig, glasses, night gown, walker, etc.


Friday – Red and Black day

Finally, Friday is red and black day. Come in your favorite panther gear as we support the football team at the homecoming game. If you are looking for something to do, come out and support the panthers as we play dodge city demons.