Back to the 80’s

Kennedy Kern, Content Creator

The fall play is up and running. This year’s fall play is ‘Back to the 80’s’. It is a spoof of Back to the Future. The first practice was five weeks ago. The performance dates are November 12 at 7 pm, 13 at 7 pm, and 14 at 2 pm.

“Hold on to your hoverboards, we’re taking a trip Back to the 80s! When modern teen Mary Fitzfry gets sent back in time by an eccentric professor, she finds herself in the middle of a totally tubular cavalcade of 80s pop culture. There’s a lot of familiar faces, from the teens in breakfast-time detention to the guys chasing ghosts and dancing zombies, but the biggest surprise of all is Mary’s own protective mom as a teen. Turns out she’s actually kind of rad – but thanks to Mary’s time travel, she’s in trouble. Can Mary make things right? This adventure takes you from the mall where everything happens, to a suburban sitcom street, to a cave under the high school – and you can choose who to feature from a flexible throng of characters to bring your audience maximum nostalgia. A hilarious parody to make all ages cheer ‘I love the 80s!'” (O’Carroll).

This year’s cast features Maitland Stoskopf as Mary Fritzfry;

Selena Hernandez-Ochs as Heather Fritzfry;

Kennedy Kern as Professor Emma Gelb;

Elle Reed as Bitsy;

Ian Jennings as Jeff, Nightrider car, and Tank top guy;

Dakota Aumiller as Spinoccoli, Curly Hair, Physician 4, Richard Simmons, Undercover Cop 1,Top Gun Pilot 2(Goose), and Nerd 3;

Elysse Ellis as Sara, Angelica, and Aerobics girl;

Cadence Barfield as Diana, Older woman #3 (Golden Girls), and Hip hop mallrat;

Malachi Wasson as Theo (Ted), Quacky, Teenage Boy #2 (Ferris B)., Apprehender #2 (Ghostbuster), Computer Kid, and Nerd 2;

Isaiah Smith as Young Bartender, Physician 5, Teenage Boy #1(Cameron), Apprehender #1(Ghostbuster), Leader, Nerd 1, and Max Headspace;

Aliyah Fryberger as Molly, Older Woman #1 (Golden Girl), and Skater;

Gisela Jaquez as Pilky, Kimmy 8, VGK 3, and Vedo;

Katrina Wood as Pacer 1,6 , Dancer, and Skater;

Rylan Crawford as Norma, Dancer, Neighbor #3, and Merch Girl (mall walker);

Xanna Smith as Sassy Waitress (#2), Mrs.Keapon, and Big hair shopper;

Ailey Williams as Teen Girl in Car, Cici, and Merch girl (mall walker);

Shelby Fields as Pacer 2, Dancer, Old Lady #1, Milena Carbajal – Jerrie, Dancer, and Mall child;

Kylyn Charles as Beetle, Dancer, Old Lady #2;

Libbi Shives as Truck, Dancer, and Old Lady #3;

Kyra Calvert as Pacer 3, 7, Dancer, Neighbor #2, and merch;

Nicole Curtice as Ironica, Mrs. Adrold, Jocelynn Turner – Laportune, Undercover Cop 2, and Aerobics Girl;

Natalie Williams as Ditzy Waitress (#1), Older Woman #4 (Golden Girls) , and Captain;

Jamison Creamer as Boy 1, Coati, Marvina, and Merch;

Mackenzie LaViolette as Older Woman #2 (Golden Girls), Dancer, and big hair shopper;

Marley Harris as Jennifer, Mrs. Hexable, Choreographer, and Aerobics;

Anna Bitter as Toopie, Mina, and Hip Hop;

Elena Grauerholz as Video Game Kid, Pacer, and Dancer;

Kirra Stevens as Pacer 4, 9, Spunky, Neighbor #1, and merch;

Jordan Angel as Chomp, Good o’l Boy 2, D-800, Rodrick, and Hip hop mallrat;

Chrisangel Adame as Mohawk (Mr. T), Physician 6, Antonio, Apprehender #4 (Ghostbuster), and Blampow (Rambo);

Aaron Deason as Ryan, Boy 2, Red Bowtie (Pee Wee Herman), Spork, and Albert;

Anderson Luttrell as Principal Strictly, Physician 7, Dr. Seivert, General, and Merch;

Jordan Sander as Will (Bill), VGK2, Mick, Ralf, and Old Bartender;

Justin Chanka as MTV Cop #2, Apprehender #3 (Ghostbuster), Floppy Disk, Spotch, and Merch;

Thomas Henrikson as Down Vest, Jabber Jaws, Werewolf, Alec, and Top Gun Pilot 1(Tom Cruise);

Caden Goodenough as MTV Cop #1, Man w/ Tie, Mr. Keapon, G.I. Jay, Samual, and Big Cell Man in Suit;

Keaton Wahlmeier as Boy 3, Good o’l Boy 1, XT, and Smirk.


All of these students work hard for nine weeks, learning choreography, lines, blocking, and the rules of the theatre. Come and support all of this hard work in November!


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