Adopt, Don’t Shop


Kennedy Kern, Content Creator

6.5 million. That is the number of pets who enter shelters nationwide every year. 6.5 million. Of those 6.5 million, approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized each year (Shelter intake and surrender). Yet people still scour for purebreds and refuse to take in these animals that just want to be loved.

Animals in shelters are not damaged goods. They are just temporarily lost. Just at our local Golden Belt Humane Society, there are dozens of cats and dogs of all colors, sizes, and breeds just wanting a family.

In addition, pets from shelters tend to be cheaper. Purebreds can get expensive, whereas here in Great Bend, the Humane Society has only a $50 adoption fee. Veterinarian offices also tend to have pets up for adoption.

You can go into a shelter or vet’s and look around and get a feel for each pet’s personality. A pet’s personality is one of the most important factors for a pet. Purebreds are sought after based only on their looks. Looks are such a minor thing when it comes to a pet. You will never get to see what a pet’s personality is like when you buy from a breeder across the country. When you go to a shelter, you can play around with them and see which one connects with you. You can see which ones are rowdy, and which ones are cuddlers. You can pick the one that matches best with you and your personality.

In short, do not choose an animal based on the breed or looks. Go to your local shelter and take home one of the 6.5 million shelter animals.



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