Trina Charles’ Book Recommendation

Trina Charles Book Recommendation

Emma Haag, Author

Title- Perfect Chemistry

Author- Simone Elkeles

Genre- Romance

Setting- High School

Rating- 4/5 Stars

Summary- Britney and Alex are partnered up for chemistry. Britney was dating someone but as a bet she kissed Alex and started to have feelings for him. Then drama with her family, friends, and living on different sides of town tore them apart.


Title- It

Author- Stephen King

Genre- Horror

Setting- House and Sewer

Rating- 4.6/5 Stars

Summary- A boy named Billy has a little brother named Georgie. Georgie wanted to go play with a paper plate in the rain; then he meets a clown named Pennywise. Pennywise comes back every 27 years to feast on kids fears.