Joe’s Favorite Games – Part 1


Joseph Andrulis, Content Creator

My first two favorite games are Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Super Mario Brothers – This game is about saving the princess, Peach. Koopa the leader of the goomba army has captured the princess and all marios powers and took his coins on his flying airship. You can use the coins to buy super powers and you can collect these coins from bumping the question mark boxes on the way to the end of the level. Each power is a one time use, which means you keep it for one level after you activate them which means after you die you lose one of the powers that you chose to do the course with. Every course has its own world, there is an Earth world, Water world, Volcano world, Factory world, space world, Sand World, Snow world, and the Haunted House world. Personally, my favorite world is the Volcano world. Every coin helps your character heal when you get damaged. You can use 1 coin to get 10 hearts points back. The goal of the game is to get to the final castle which is in the Lava world. Upon arrival, there will be a huge boss, Koopa, you will have to run away from. Watch out, his laire is filled with traps!

Donkey Kong Country Returns – In this game monsters took over donkey kong’s home country. The evil totem was fed bananas which made the totem the most powerful boss in the game. Since it’s really powerful, the totems stole the bananas from Donkey kong junior. Bad totems took over the 8 worlds that donkey kong owned. Can Donkey Kong stop the totems from ruling the world of donkey kong forever? Yes, he defeated the totem at the lava world, and got all the bananas back from the mind control machine that the totems were feeding. He made a great discovery, a great temple, the golden temple where donkey kong gets extra bananas from. But before he could get to the volcano world, he had to cross 6 islands that had dungeons scattered around the world. He had to get across the ruins, the factory, the forest, the pirates of the Caribbean Sea, the mule mines, and the biozone. My Favorite world was the mule mines, it was super hard to stay on the train because you constantly had to jump on the mules heads and avoid any incoming bombs.