Is It Worth Getting The Vaccine ?

Is It Worth Getting The Vaccine ?

Adan Gonzalez, Reporter

The world has changed. Is it worth getting the vaccine? There have been rumors and facts about this vaccine. There are really good things and really bad things once you get the shot. People that have had Covid say they are immunized to COVID-19. People fear the vaccine or Covid 19. 

What’s the good things if I took the vaccine? Well, you can continue with your life. In New York City, in order to travel, shop, go out to eat or even go to the park, you have to be vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you can travel internationally and Emma Haag said, “when I got vaccinated I couldn’t get covid-19 no more.” If you do take the vaccine when covid strikes again, it won’t affect you at all.  When you get the vaccine you can protect your little ones and protect your elders from spreading it. 

What are the bad things about getting the vaccine? Well, we don’t know what’s in the vaccine and we don’t have the full facts about this vaccine. To be fully vaccinated, you have to take booster shots and you won’t be feeling great for a couple of days. People are afraid of what the vaccine could do to their bodies. It could help them or could kill them. 

Well, after this story, should you get the vaccine or not? The government would love it, but would you? The vaccine could bring light or darkness. This situation has people afraid of what is going on with the world. It could be conspiracy theories or facts. Who knows?