Travis Scotts Tragedy Update


Kynslee White

If you haven’t already, make sure to go read the first story published in the panther tales called “The Devastating Losses From Astroworld”. It was known that eight people died at the actual concert. Now, we have found out more updates that show the later results. 


Another Earlier Incident 

It is said that Travis Scott has been someone who encourages violence behavior and wild crowds. A suit was filed in a concert back in 2017 where a man named Kyle Green was left paralyzed after a concert. Scott was heard encouraging his fans to jump off a third floor balcony and said the people in the crowd would catch them. Green has stated that he did not willingly jump but he was pushed by other people on the balcony. 


The Law Suit 

Travis Scott is now being fined over 750 million dollars after the tragedy that took place at Astroworld. There were 125 victims that had been noticed from the crushing concert who were injured. Now the updates have come to 10 deaths from the tragedy. This suit was filed by BuzBee Law Firm and lists another famous rapper named Drake who joined Travis Scott halfway through the concert. According to NBC.News, One of the victims laid at the concert under the crowd as he was dying, and the music still continued to play for about 40 minutes.


The Two Other Victims

Ezra Blount died nine days after the incident because of his injuries that he received. He was in a medically induced coma to try and recover his trauma. According to the father of the victim quotes “When my son went to the concert, he had my grandson on his shoulder,” Bernon Blount said. “All the people pushed in and he could not breathe so he ended up passing out because of all the pressure that was being applied to his body. And when he passed out, Ezra fell off his shoulder and fell into the crowd.”

The other Victim was a 22 year old female named Bharti Shahani. She was a student at Texas A&M. According to, her family and lawyer discussed her role in her family because she was the oldest sibling in an immigrant family. The quote was given by the attorney Mohammed Nabulsi who said “Bharti played the role that first-generation oldest siblings play. They are the glue of the family, they are the liasons, they are the mentors, they are the advisors, they are the interpreters, they are the people who keep the family together”. He also said “Not only do they keep the family together, but they ensure the family will thrive. That’s who Bharti was to her family,” Bellani, her cousin said that they couldn’t even call it a festival because the accidents were 100% unavailable and an act of pure brutality. 


Students Views

I talked with several students at GBHS about their views on this traumatizing event. First was Junior named Mya Ward. She says that “Travis Scott knew what he was doing when he told all those people to rush to the front and he didn’t stop or acknowledge the ambulances or the screams for help from the innocent people, He’s a devil worshiper” i also talked with another Junior named Ellie Peters who said “They were so close together that I would of had a panic attack”. There are just two of many different views that have been friends even just in Great Bend High School.